Since moving "back home" from the "Big City," I've been blessed by the Lord with two ministries.

The first ministry began in 2005 with the Get In Step Line Dancers.  This ministry ran from March 2005 until March 2017,  when the Lord told me to take a break.  You can click on the buttons above to learn about and see all the places we ministered during that twelve year period.

The second ministry began in 2015 with Voices of Hope Community Choir, which has evolved to become Voices of Hope Evangelistic Team and now includes the Fire Choir.  This ministry has its own website at www.VoicesOfHope.faith.  You can visit this website to learn about and see all the places we have ministered beginning in July 2015.

​One of my favorite Line Dance Choreographers, Jo Thompson Szymanski, shared their Szymanski Family Prayer on her Praise Dance video. I think it's very timely and I have her permission to share it here.

Dear God, Thank You for giving us the strength to always accept the present exactly the way it is and exactly the way it is not. And thank You for giving us the courage to never give up on the future. Amen.

Thank you for visiting and may God bless you beyond your expectations!


If you are looking for Voices of Hope's website, click here.