Line Dance Ministry

Line Dancing is a ministry?  Yes, it really has been for me.  I truly believe God called me and gave me and many in the classes I taught a glorious opportunity to share God's love, to touch the lives of others in our community and beyond, and to receive tremendous blessings through our line dancing. 

In December 2005, I had the opportunity to go with several line dancers and entertain at a local nursing home.  I’ll admit that I was skeptical about the reception line dancing would receive.  The expressions of happiness and sheer delight on the faces of the residents touched my heart; their questions of when we would be coming back, left no doubt they had enjoyed our line dancing…I was hooked.

I already knew that line dance classes were a great way for those in our community to meet new people, make new friends, get some exercise and have a good time (click here for information about the health benefits of dance).  Now, I’d seen how it could also brighten the lives of those who perhaps could no longer dance but could enjoy watching others dance. 

I wanted to share my love of line dancing and the happiness it could bring with everyone!  And God had a plan to help me do just that.  He provided many opportunities for me to teach others who also had a heart for line dance ministry and together we shared this talent that God gave us.

I was blessed to have the support and encouragement of my pastor.  He shared the belief that this line dance ministry was a calling from God and supported it as one of our Church’s ministries. 

We entertained monthly at our local nursing homes and senior center.  We frequently traveled beyond our community and entertained at assisted living centers, other nursing homes and personal care facilities.  We also had the opportunity to support our community by participating in activities such as the Downtown Blue Ridge Fourth of July parade, Senior Centers' Picnic, the Mystery Train Ride, the Community Thanksgiving Open Table, Fannin County Homemakers, Blue Ridge Elementary School's Reading Fair and for social functions at area churches.

In these places, we had the opportunity to demonstrate God’s love and compassion with the people we met.  We took the time to visit with those who came to watch us line dance.  We became friends with many of the people and shared in their joy as well as their sadness.  We received requests to pray for them as well as their families and friends.  We were also invited to come back as often as we could…they told us how much they were blessed by our visits and we let them know that we received just as many blessings by being with them.

And it’s not just those we entertained; we also laughed and cried with each other. We offered support to one another when needed, visits and cards to cheer, an ear to listen and a heart to pray for one another.  We shared our testimonies with each other and were so blessed to see how God used the various talents and gifts He gave each of us to reach others as we came together to line dance.

Throughout the Bible, God commands us to love our neighbor.  Line Dancing has been a vehicle that allowed us to accomplish this mission!